Happy November! And happy almost Thanksgiving, too. As we enter into this month, my first thought was we are heading into the holiday season and that also means travel and transportation, which then lead my brain to a picture book I designed last year that for some reason I haven’t shared with you until now. BUT I do have to say, that I think the connection to travel and transportation fits very nicely (huge grin).

The book is called, Jessie: Queen of the Road and it’s written and illustrated by Lindsay Ward. Jessie a companion book to Rosie: Stronger than Steel. Rosie is a story about the World War II land girls and a tractor, named Rosie.

Jessie is a fun tale of a female motorcycle, named Jessie, and her travels and daring adventures that spans the decades before and after WWI and WWII.

The story is inspired by seven real female motorcyclists who faced many barriers and despite the odds, achieved many great things.

At the end of the story the book also includes more information on these inspirational women and a timeline. I learned so much while designing this book and hope you will look it up at your local library or favorite book buying spot. Wishing you safe travels!