Connor Kissed Me

With school back in session, I want to share with you a picture book I art directed and designed that has an important message for young kids about consent. The book is called, Connor Kissed Me by Zehava and illustrated by Sarah K. Turner.

The title certainly sets the scene. Miriam is kissed on the playground by a boy named Connor. It is a surprise and she doesn’t quite know how to react.

She tells her trusted adults around her, but they each have their own thoughts and advice. It’s not until she gets home to talk with her mom that she’s allowed space to ask her herself how she feels about being kissed by Connor.

Once Miriam finds her answer she revisits her path and finds Connor. What she does, well, you’ll have to read the book to find out! This book a good tool to begin a conversation about consent and bodily autonomy. The illustrations are beautiful and filled with lots of activity of the playground and classroom. I hope you will read Connor Kissed Me!