With August coming to an end, I’m getting caught up in all the “back to school” happening in the air. With that in mind, I thought this might be a good moment to share a school themed picture book I designed. It’s called Marker by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant.

If you remember the award winning picture book, Eraser–about finding your courage and that failing is OK–then you’ll enjoy this new one, too. It’s the same group of school supplies with the focus on the teacher side of the supplies this time.

The main character is Marker, the teacher’s go-to supply. Her work is top quality and lasts, but when Pinking Shears arrives she is no longer the most popular tool on the desk and she starts to doubt herself and make mistakes. But her work is permanent and she’s not allowed to make errors. With the help of friends, she eventually has to rethink what makes her so special.

The dialogue and art is filled with laughs and jokes along the way. It’s a very enjoyable read with a solid lesson for all of us to keep in mind. Wishing students and teachers a very happy new year of school!