Tinker Active Early Skills 4+ Books

Happy Summer! I hope you are enjoying the sun and warmer weather and maybe even a dip in the pool or lake. I just came back from a vacation and swimming felt so good! I also had a chance to hang with my young nephews and this reminded me to share a couple of workbooks I’ve designed to help with summer learning retention (or to give parents some quiet time!).

Are you familiar with the TinkerActive workbooks by the publisher Odd Dot? If you are then you know, that these are fantastic workbooks for grade school youngsters and I encourage you to check them out. Odd Dot recently expanded the brand and created a spin off of the TA series for a slightly younger audience. The workbook series is called, TinkerActive Early Skills. They are geared towards 3 and 4 year olds and focus on ELA, Math, Motor Control, and Science. I designed the TinkerActive Early Skills Science 4+ and the TinkerActive Early Skills Math 4+.

These are very engaging and colorful workbooks created with award winning teachers and filled with STEM activities (and lots of coloring, because everyone young or old likes to color!). Both of these workbooks cover topics including: Human Body, Plants, Animals, The Earth, Energy, Objects & Sorting, and Experimenting. The book format also includes a wipe and write board and the whole book is design to be a writing pad. So cool!

And if nothing else motivates kids, there are stickers included in these books to help track progress and encourage more learning! Yay! Like the old motto says, you need to exercise your brain like your other muscles. So let’s keep our young people’s minds strong and check out these very fun TinkerActive Early Skills workbooks.