Magic Candies

Magic Candies is the title of this picture book

Happy October! It’s my favorite month. It’s a time for enjoying fall leaves, pumpkins, sweaters and boots, my birthday (huge grin), and Halloween! So in this spirit, I thought I’d share another picture book I designed called Magic Candies by Heena Baek.

It was originally published in Korea and then the imprint, Amazon Crossing Kids, brought it over to the US market. It’s a wild, quirky book!

The main character is named Tong Tong and he is lonely. One afternoon he purchases some hard circular candies from the local store. These special treats allow him to hear voices everywhere and suddenly his life is quite loud! His sofa, dog, and even falling leaves chat with him. Life is much more interesting now and soon enough Tong Tong finds his own voice.

The art is so fantastic! Heena Baek is an award-winning Korean artist. Baek creates 3-demenstional scenes and photographs them for the illustrations. The details, lighting, and overall artistry is wonderful.

As the book designer, I had fun playing with the type for all the difference voices Tong Tong hears. These voices use difference fonts and bounce and float around on the pages. I hope you will seek out this book!