Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild

Wow in the World book series

Happy Summer! I’ve lost track of time lately, but I did want to be sure you knew about this book, Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild which published in April. I was the interior book designer on this project and it’s such a fun read!

wow in the world 2 interior book spreads about animals

It’s the second book in the Wow in World series, which is based off Mindy Thomas’ and Guy Raz’s popular kid podcast: Wow in the World. If you have or know an animal lover, then this book is for them.

Are you a bird quiz from Wow in the Wild

The interior is very colorful and features funny illustrations and photos. There are comic and magazine-esque sections and lots of speech bubbles of Mindy and Guy adding in their two cents. Plus it’s packed with all sorts of facts of mammals, birds, amphibians, insects, and sea creatures!

mammal match game book spread

I hope you take a look at this book.