Loving What I Do

boy reading picture book called Eraser

Happy Fall!

Does this happen to you? Every once in awhile, the universe likes to remind me that I’m on the right path in my career and life and fills my heart with gratitude. This was one of those weeks.

First, I connected with another freelance book designer who is just starting her freelance career. AbbyDora Design is starting its 9th year (what?! So crazy!). During those 9 years, I have learned so much about running a business and creating engaging and playful book designs. The time felt right to be able to offer insight to another designer and business woman.

The second event that happen is captured in the above photo. A friend of mine shared this photo of her son intently reading one of the books I designed, ERASER. Another picture book I art directed and designed, titled SUMO JOE, is waiting on the floor next to him. This photo gives me the BIGGEST smile. Promoting reading for very young kids is always the goal, but I don’t often get to see this in action.

What else can I say, but I am still loving what I do!