New Summer Picture Books

Sumo Joe and When Aidan Became A Brother

Two children’s book art directed by Abby Dening

Hi Friends!
Where did this summer go? I really cannot believe we’re in mid-August already. I have been busy digging up the bare garden beds around our house and planting the full spectrum of colored flowers and shrubs. Oh let me tell you the yard looks and feels so much better.

summer flowers along patio

But the main reason this summer has flown by is I have been busy creating new children’s books. In fact, the first two picture book that I art directed and designed have been published and are now available. These books are SUMO JOE and WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER. Both are published by Lee & Low Books, a publisher known for it’s multicultural publishing. I love their motto “Books about everyone, for everyone”.

I mentioned SUMO JOE earlier this spring. It’s a delightful, action packed book about a boy and his friends practicing their sumo skills.

The drama increases when Joe’s little sister wants to join in on the fun. Will she be able to show off her own martial arts skills with the boys? You’ll have to read to find out!

WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER is a tender story about a young transgender boy and his parents learning about self acceptance and navigating the transitions a family can experience, like welcoming a new sibling into the family.

When Aidan Became a Brother

Aidan wants to be the best big brother, but what if he gets it all wrong? With help from his parents Aidan learns that honesty and communication can correct mistakes and self love is one of the biggest lessons he can pass on to his new sibling.

Keep your eyes out for these two colorful picture books at your local library (or request the books to be purchased!) and anywhere you usual do your book shopping.

Enjoy the last couple of months of the summer sunshine.