Hoping for Spring

March is always a little hard for me. I start to get a serious longing for Spring and living in upstate New York means there is at least four to six weeks of more cold weather and probably more snow. Boo.

However, this year I discovered that our local Eastman Museum had a Dutch Connection Show, which is a expansive and wonderful spring flower show all inside! Apparently Mr. Eastman used to order fresh flower from Holland and this show is a tribute to his style of living. Nice touch Mr. Eastman!

There were thousands of blooms in all sorts of colors. And before you could see them, you could smell their bouquets…ahhhhhhhh. My spirits were lifted after a couple of hours surrounded by all the spring color.

So many pretty flowers

I had taken my sketchbook and travel watercolor set with me, but with so many people and narrow walkways, I couldn’t find the right spot. So instead, I took extra photos and painted when I got home.

Watercolor and pencil sketch of flowers

Can you spy the big orange flower I chose to paint from the middle photo? With so many great photos from my visit, I know I’ll be painting again soon.

Wishing you Spring thoughts!