Very Large Knight Art Prints

children's art in poster size of knight fighting dragon

Today I have a special announcement that is literally BIG news! The Knight Series are now available as very large prints. We’re talking poster sized art, folks! Decorate an entire wall with 1 piece of art. (huge grin)

The Dragon fight (32″ x 24″) was the only one that I could tame to hold up for the camera. I tried to hold the other two…

green dragon having a picnic with two knights and a princess

…but the Dragon Picnic and the Knight Forest ride are even bigger in size ( 36″ x 27″) and I couldn’t quite manage it! They were easier to show while I had them laying down on my drawing table. They fill the entire tabletop!

They are printed on beautiful white matte paper. They can be traditionally framed or hung using a map hanging system. There are limited quantities, so if you want one head on over to the Shop now.