Newly Published Picture Books

Abby Dening is sitting with picture books she designed in her lap
Eeeee! I received a present in the mail yesterday. A whole box filled with picture books that I designed! I’ve been designing books for 13 years and it never EVER gets old to see your creativity and hard work get transfered from screen to a beautifully bound book. I do love all formats of books, but I’m partial to a printed picture book.

children's picture books designed by AbbyDora Design

This group of books is published by Two Lions which is an imprint of Amazon. All the books are currently available, so check out the titles on-line, at a book store, or at your local library! To help you here are the titles: DUCK AND HIPPO IN THE RAINSTORM, DUCK AND HIPPO LOST AND FOUND, I AM NOT SCARED, BROBARIANS, SPLATYPUS.