My New Studio

children's book designer's office with bookcases

Happy Spring to all! It’s been a busy last few months. D and I bought a house! (Eeeeeeee!)So our hands and minds have been very busy settling into our new home. I’ve also been creating a new studio.

This studio space wasn’t just going to be “good enough” or “yeah that’s OK”. NO! This one was going to to hit a few of my dream check list items. What items, you might say? Well, first colorful walls, then white bookcases that fill entire wall, and third let’s have a window seat to dream up big ideas. Check, check, check!

The renovation started with refinishing the wood floors, painting all the walls and built-in bookcases to brighten up the space. Yesterday afternoon, I finally found the time to empty out 15 boxes of books to fill my bookshelves with books: that I’ve designed, books I admire, and books that inspire. I also added in pieces of my own artwork and little touches of photos and collectibles that make me smile.

children's book designer's bookshelves

When everything was in it’s place and the boxes were are gone. I toasted the new space with a glass of champagne. Here’s to dreams coming true!