New art that’s yellow and noisy

yellow ducks

Hi Friends! This is what is sitting on my drawing table, right now. Ta-da! A new children’s illustration of adorable six yellow ducklings. My inspiration was from the pre-school song “Six Little Ducks”. Do you know it? But the one little duck with the feather on his back, he led the others with a Quack, Quack Quack. Does that help? It was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl.

I’m letting the painting sit for a day, to see how it settles with me. I’m really loving it at the moment and it’s motivating me to continue with my paints! The Ducklings will be one of the new paintings debuting at Clothesline festival THIS September in Rochester, NY and will also be available in my Etsy Shoppe. I’ll have my booth details in the coming weeks.