What you…

carl jung quote

Ever since I’ve returned from France, I’ve been doing quite a bit of yoga. And Sunday was even International Day of Yoga! Love it. With my yoga practice I am able to stay grounded and quiet the mental chatter, so I can hear my heart better. Yogis: does this happen to you too? If you have never experienced yoga, you need to try it! It’s amazing.

Last weekend, one of my instructors said the above quote to us to help us breath through a difficult pose. But honestly, it really hit home to me beyond my yoga mat. I instantly thought of a large art project that I’ve been avoiding. I’m a little timid to start, but this quote made me realize that delaying is only causing me more anguish.

It’s time for action! I’m done with the worry and I’m breathing deep and strong as I start my project this week. Will you join me in tackling an area in your life that you’ve been resisting?