Not THIS Bear!

picture book by Bernice Myers

Oh happy day friends! It’s Friday, it’s sunny and warm, and there’s a new picture available that I designed! (huge grin)

This is the first book of the renown librarian Nancy Pearl’s new BOOK CRUSH REDISCOVERIES series for children and young adults being published by Two Lions, an Amazon Publishing imprint.

This was a unique book project because it’s a reissue and redesign of a 1960’s picture book by Bernice Myers. It’s really amazing to see that with the addition of fresh modern type the original retro illustrations still seem very current.

retro 1960's picture book

The story is quite humorous and kids will delight in seeing the bear’s mistake at identifying young Herman in his fur coat as cousin Julius! The bear invites Herman home with him to show him off to the entire family. Can Herman convince the Bear family that he is definitely not their cousin and most definitely not a bear? You’ll have to read to find out, but I’m pretty certain there will be lots of giggling!

An introduction, discussion questions and activities, and further suggested reading from noted librarian Nancy Pearl are included as well.

Happy reading!