Pencils are Awesome

pencil sketch of watering can
{Pencil sketch in my journal}

I love pencils! No surprise right, being an artist? Graphite or colored, there is something delicious and utterly satisfying about dragging the tip of a pencil across paper.

I have always loved them starting back in early grade school. I would collect neon decorated graphite pencils. As an adult, I still have a few special ones: a skull and cross bone pencil and pencils with well-known Penguin authors on them, like Oscar Wilde. I think part of my love of pencils is the texture and the simplicity of use. No high-techness required.

The happy news is that there are lots of us pencil lovers out there! In fact, there is a shop in New York City that sells only pencils. It’s called: CW Pencil Enterprise and its run by Caroline Weaver.

photo of cups of various pencils in all colors
{photo from Gothamist}

It’s like being in a candy store! You can purchase the pencils online, but I absolutely want to step into the shop at 100a Forsyth Street Street in Manhattan.

Oh and the other fun thing in the works: a pencil of the month club! Yes! Weaver explains: “This is definitely in the works and will start in May or June. I’ll send a really special pencil (old or new) each month along with its story. Stories are really important with pencils—aside from its physical characteristics which often vary rather subtly, it’s what sets them apart from each other.”

It’s the little things in life, right?

Do you have a favorite pencil?