Beating the Winter Blues

sky swatches of weather

Instead of feeling blue, I’ve been painting with blues! For awhile now, I have been looking for a daily painting or drawing project, but knowing me it would have to be pretty simple to add it into my mix of on going projects and teaching. What did I come up with? Weather Swatch paintings! They have been very fun and it has helped me to enjoy the winter weather.


I came up with this idea one day in early January. While sitting at my drawing table and I realized that the window in front of me offers a great square “swatch” of sky! Bingo!


I decided that I would paint a daily swatch of the sky and make a few notes about time of day or weather. It turned into a project I looked forward to creating. For almost the entire month of January I painted little squares of sky. I’ve been thinking of taking it up again for March and see how long I can keep it going.

What are you doing to keep the winter woes away?