New Artwork to Brighten Your Day

AbbyDora Design watercolor of smiling sun
{Can you feel the warmth?!}

It snowed all day yesterday. It seems I only can see white and black out of my studio window. I have to say, I’m getting rather good at seeing the many shades of gray of the sky. You know what I did to cope? I created colorful sunshine art!

AbbyDora Design watercolor of yawning sun, smiling sun, sleeping sun
{My new personified sun artwork}

Ahhh, doesn’t just looking at them make you feel warmer? The left depicts a yawning morning sun. The middle shows a smiling strong midday sun, and the right shows a sleepy setting sun. I really loved playing around with the facial expressions. I drew my options on tracing paper and brainstormed what I wanted each sun to express.

nursery room sunshine artwork
{The morning sun}

The final art as a digital watercolor print is now available in MY SHOP! The sun artwork comes centered on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of digital watercolor paper. It looks and feels like a watercolor painting.

Oh AND a little heads up:
This Friday I’m have planning on shaking up more of the winter monotony with a JANUARY SALE! All the details to come on Friday’s blog. If you want to preview the art options click here.

How are you coping with the winter weather?