Changing Your World

I hope you make mistakes
{Mistakes can help you learn. They aren’t all negative.}

Happy 2015 everyone! I hope your new year is off to a great start. I’m beginning my new year with a cleaned and organized studio and I’ve even updated my blog email too (did you notice?). All the newness feels good and I’m liking the fresh start.

To help you find a little more motivation for January, I’m sharing a fantastic quote that a friend shared with me yesterday. It’s from author, Neil Gaiman. His words ring true for me!

Making mistakes is alright and might even be necessary. This idea was a little mind blowing. I really don’t like making mistakes. In fact I’d say I hate to make mistakes (little or big). But the truth is that without taking some risks and stepping out of my comfort zone, life would be pretty boring and I wouldn’t grow and that’s not what I want either. I’m going to embrace a little risk taking this year.

Many people take on words for the year to help guide and focus their energies. My word of the year is COURAGE .I have a lot of BIG goals for 2015 and a lot of new steps to make. I might be making some mistakes along the way and that’s quite alright because I’ll also be LEARNING, GROWING, and CHANGING MY WORLD! (I just need to keep repeating this sentence!) I hope you will pass this quote on to other folks and spread the inspiration.

If you were to choose a word for your year what would it be? (Click on the comment button below and let me know!)