The Great Book Giveaway

NYC pop up bookshelves outside
{The Great Book Giveaway in NYC}

In the spirit of gratitude and giving back a very cool event happened last week organized by the National Book Foundation and the Uni Project. It was called the Great Book Giveaway!


What happened? Well, a friendly competition between 2 authors: Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler were challenged by these 2 book organizations to see who could give away the most books in Washington Square Park.

The turn out was large! New Yorkers waited in lines in the freezing temperatures to have a chance to browse the pop-up book shelves and to speak or snap photos with the 2 authors. What a great way to make books more fun and interactive. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do this in your own neighborhood?

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday too!

What book are YOU currently reading?