Handwritten Holiday Card Challenge

holiday card with blue snowflakes and thin red type saying peace & love
{new 2014 holiday card}

With winter snow showers hitting the mid-west and today being a day of remembrance to our veterans, I thought I’d share with you my new 2014 holiday card and start the process of spreading peace and love to the world.

hand drawn snowflakes with red type wishing you peace and love to you on this holiday season

The card features more unique hand drawn snowflake designs (I really like creating them!) in cool winter blue which are then paired with lovely thin red type. There is plenty of room to include your interior message as well.

I hope this year, you’ll book time to handwrite your holiday cards. I know D and I are planning on this! Imagine receiving a handwritten letter and then receiving a typed note. Which one gives more warmth and love? Yep, the handwritten one! If you only hand write letters once a year, I think the holidays is a great time to show the extra thoughtfulness. Pair it with cute holiday cards and it becomes a gift in itself!

Won’t you join me in the handwritten holiday card challenge this holiday season?