Color Color Everywhere

photo of bright blue heels and a green wedding dress

I had a whirlwind weekend in New York City last week for my best friend’s Brooklyn wedding. She is also a lover of color and decided to wear a beautiful light green dress with brilliant blue shoes to her wedding! Gorgeous, right?! All her bridesmaid wore blue dresses too.

photo of Abby with glasses and vintage styled curly hair

Oh and then there was my stylish vintage curly hair! Love this look with my dark frame glasses. So chic!

Abby standing in front of the Madeline show at NYC Historical Museum
{Look what I got to see!}

In between helping her with all her last minute wedding preparations (like hanging a rainbow of Pantone swatches for place cards) and the actual wedding day, I was able to sneak into Manhattan to see the exhibit: Madeline in New York: The Artwork of Ludwig Bemelmans! It was worth all the effort to get there. The show was delightful and you truly felt like you were stepping into the pages of Madeline.

There were many iconic paintings of the Madeline books (think 12 little girls in 2 straight lines!). I also learned that Bemelmans used gouache to create his paintings. So cool! He usually worked in a combination of gouache with ink or crayon. There were areas of his painting where you could see he had to collage a correction into it. I love being able to see the thinking behind a painting.

The show itself was well designed, too. The museum created large fabric screens with Bemelmans line drawings to activate the gallery space. And there were collections of book dummies and tiny sketches that showed the creative process on how Bemelmans developed the characters in the Madeline books, too. I would highly recommend that you and your children see the show.

What is your favorite color? Leave a note in the comments! (In case you are wondering, mine is teal.)