New on my Drawing Table

photo of sketches of humpback whale with bubles with numbers inside
{new art is coming!}

Phew, after being away for a week it feels great to be back to work and in one place. I’ve been wanting to create this painting for almost a year now, but teaching and book design kept me away. This is why I love summer: I can paint!

The idea for this sketch came to me after I completed the ABC Giraffe painting (get the print here). I thought that pairing a counting themed print with the letters would make a fun set. To add a little more variety from the ABC print I created a whale blowing bubbles with numbers 1-10 inside.

I’m looking forward to creating a rich blue background for the whale to swim in with lighter numbers. A lot of the empty space will be activated by the spontaneity of the watercolor. I’ll be experimenting with color combinations next.

I can’t wait to show you it when it’s done!