My Artist Day-Brandywine Museum

andrew wyeth studio
{Brandywine Museum of Art}

My first solo art date was a success! It was a beautiful day to take a road trip down to Chadds Ford, PA. I arrived a little later than I had hoped, but thankfully the Brandywine Museum isn’t a large place and I was able to see all the artwork that I wanted and got a tour of Andrew, “Andy”, Wyeth’s studio!

studio located in Chadds Ford, PA
{The Studio}

The museum is tucked away among trees and sits right along a river. (I’m thinking it might be the Brandywine river?). The museum has 3 floors and each floor greets you with a bank of glass windows over looking the river. It’s glorious!

This museum is so unique in that it showcases 3 generations of artists from 1 family. There were galleries of first generation illustrator: NC Wyeth.

oil painting from treasure island
{NC Wyeth worked mostly in oil paints}

He is most famous for this 18 oil painting for Scribner’s TREASURE ISLAND edition. He then taught his youngest son, Andrew to paint. Andrew preferred to work in tempera paint and watercolor. I’m inclined to prefer his watercolor paintings. They are a little looser and more energetic.

2 watercolor painting of lobster man and green ferns by Andrew Wyeth
{2 of my favorite watercolors hanging on the wall}.

I love peering closely at the layering of color. There were so many unexpected hues— touches of aquamarine and reds in both the large areas of browns and greens. He was so confident in his brushwork too!

Andrew then taught his son, Jamie, to paint. We saw the “classroom” in Andrew’s studio house where Jamie took his lessons, as well as paint the famous JFK portrait. Did you know that Jamie took on this commission at only 18 years of age?! Incredible! The talent was definitely passed down.

Though I have to say, when I think of Jamie Wyeth’s work, I do think of this pig painting first. hehe

oil painting portrait of pig by Jamie Wyeth
{Den-Den, the pig,accidentally ate 22 tubes of oil paint on Jamie’s visit}

This was my first introduction to his work. My family has a story linked to it when visiting the Boston Museum of Art when I was a little girl and my brother was even smaller.

I had the best of intentions of sitting along the river beside the museum and doing a little watercolor painting. However, with my delay in getting down to the museum and my rush to get inside, I sadly neglected to refill my water bottle and hence, no water for the watercolor! Siiiigh. I did sit down and do a few sketches in colored pencil. Not quite as satisfying, but still it felt good to be drawing outside.

brandywine museum river
{river view from a shaded rock}

I stretched out my time at the museum by following a path along the river beside the building. It was such sunny day that I knew I wanted to at least sit outside and take in the natural world for a few moments. While I sat on a rock, I sketch the river view in front of me.

brandywine scuplture

There was a large bronze rabbit sculpture tucked away in a shaded grove. I saw him when the bus drove back from Andrew Wyeth’s studio. He had such personality I couldn’t help but draw him.

It was a happy art day all in all. I feel rejuvenated and inspired! I will certainly be back to the Brandywine Museum next Spring to see a retrospective of Jamie Wyeth’s work. This is a show not to be missed!

How was your weekend?