On the art table: New Bunny Sketch

sketch of a mother rabbit holding a sleeping baby rabbit
{new sketch}

I’m a little strange. Or maybe I’m not, just a creature of habit? In any light, I’ve noticed a cycle in my creativity. I think it prefers to hibernate during the winter months. It not all the way gone. I can keep my book design going, but the drawing has a rhythm. There are quiet times and moments of energy. When March hits my creative energy comes whirling back and all I long to do is be at my art table.

I answered the urge to draw today with this new mother and baby bunny sketch shown above. Awwww! It was inspired by the baby paper collage background I created last summer. I’ll be tweaking the collage with more paper and paint to better match the new bunny art (human foot prints aren’t really gonna work with the bunny art huh), but I think there’s potential for adorableness!

I’ll be painting the bunnies with my watercolor and colored pencil combination and attach the vignette to the paper collage. It will look something like the hot air balloon artwork I made last summer.

Hooray for the joys of pencil on paper!

Do you have rhythms in your life too?