Dancing Purple Eggs

color sketch of ballerina eggs inspired by Mark Rothko quote
{ a sneak peak into my sketchbook }

Oh I’m longing for spring and warmer weather! Are you too? This happens every year, but with the amount of winter snow and ice we’re had in upstate NY this year, the day dreaming of sunshine and spring colors is even stronger.

I’m sharing a silly doodle of mine today to pass along a smile. I was creating patterns for Easter eggs while brainstorming card designs when I noticed the quote at the bottom of my sketchbook/journal: “I think of my pictures as dramas; the shapes in the pictures are the performers.” It’s a quote by the artist Mark Rothko.

Maybe I was in a silly mood, but the first thought that came to mind after reading the quote was: dancing ballerina eggs! (hehe) So here they are! I think is is why sketchbooks and journals are so fantastic; they let you be free and open (and even a little silly).

Have a great day!