Send Smiles and Love

watercolor hearts with hand written text on them about love
{New valentine cards!}

I’m pleased to announce that I have NEW cards in my Shoppe!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I have created 2 new Valentine cards sets that feature playful watercolor heart patterns. The first I’m calling Colorful Hearts.

Set of 8 red, yellow, orange watercolor heart valentines
{Colorful Hearts Valentine card set}

interior of card says happy valentines day in pink handwriting

This card design was inspired by the heart shaped candies with little messages on them. It’s a perfect set for both friends and family. Send smiles along with thoughts of love. Oh AND, in this set you get 2 additional cards for a total of 8!

For the second set I wanted to create cards that passed along positive, heart-warming thoughts. You know, something like a mailed hug. I simply called this set Heart-Warming.

red, orange, and yellow inspirational heart valentine cards
{Heart Warming Valentines}

interior of card shows red cursive type saying happy valentines day

I layered a several warm tones of paint together to create the heart patterns. I then placed inspirational text inside a heart on the cover. The heart messages say: “Hello beautiful soul”, “You make my heart soar”, and “You are so loved”. I hope these thoughts touch your heart and encourage you to share them!

For this set of 6 cards, you will get 2 of each card design. Of course, you can request a single design for the entire Heart Warming set if you prefer it.

It feels so wonderful to be creating art again! I plan on doing more of this watercolor style card in the future too.

Happy Weekend!