Did You Know

orange and purple watercolor washes with words You are enough handwritten

The past couple of weeks have been a struggle for me. My foundation has been shaken by a death in our family and I’m trying to find my strength and get on my path again. When you are full of grief it’s hard to be creative. I’ve managed to keep my book design going, but the art side of things has been slow to flow again. I’ve been racked with guilt over this too. Shouldn’t I want to just sit down and turn my mind to something else?

But the universe is a marvelous thing, because the message I keep hearing from friends, yoga, articles and blogs is that, “I am enough”. I am enough, just how I am. I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself. I’m in a healing process and my art and creativity is still there.

This is such a great message that I wanted to repay the favor and pass it along.
You are worthy. You are enough!

Nurture your soul with small joys. For example, I did sit down recently and created a few abstract watercolor washes and I have to say it felt wonderful. No pressure, just the simple pleasure of dipping my brush into paint.