Imperfections Are Beautiful

blue watercolor wash with script reading Where there is perfection there is no story to tell Ben Okri

I’m starting off the year with a confession. Ready? I’m a total perfectionist. Yep, I’m Type A and a perfectionist and an artist. This combo definitely drives me to achieve high goals and pushes to do my best daily, but it also can weigh me down a little when everything has to be perfect . Sometimes my fear stops me from trying a new technique or starting a project. So this year, I’m focusing on trusting myself and my abilities and just take the plunge into new art projects, new dance moves, new life adventures without over thinking things. More doing, less judging.

I have to be prepared that some of my paintings and drawings might be ugly or wonky, but in all those extra creative moments I experience I’m sure that will be bright spots! Besides, little imperfections are beautiful, right?. They make art and people unique and amazing. One of the reasons I love watercolor is the fact that you do have to let go a little and let the water and pigment take over.

Honestly, I’m a little scared, but I’m determined and ready for change.
Here I come 2014!

What is your new year’s goal or resolution?