NPR Book Concierge

book covers from NPR's book concierge web service

We are in the middle of gift season! How are you doing with your gift list? I have a handy new service to share with you from the good folks at National Public Radio. Usually, at this time, NPR will gather together its book critics and create a “Best of 2013” Book list. This year they decided to be more interactive and give us a few more options in the standout titles of the year.

NPR’s new service is called the the BOOK CONCIERGE. It’s fun and easy to use! You can browse all the covers OR you can choose categories to limit the books listed. Bonus: you can even choose more than 1 category to list! Once your selected books are shown, you can hover over any title and a teaser quote appears. If you want information simply click on the cover and a full summary is displayed.

There are typical categories like “Biography & Memoir” and “Kids Books”, but then they are categories called “The Dark Side”, “It’s All Geek to Me”, and “Rather Short”. So you see there’s a book listed for type of reader and the time for you to find a book is a whole lot faster too!

If you do find a book that’s perfect for someone on your list you can purchase the book via an amazon button, ibookstore button, or the independent bookstore button where you can find a local retail bookstore. Breath a little easier this year and use this fantastic book concierge!

Happy Shopping (and reading)!