Decorating With Family Treasures

colonial mantle with paint brushes
{Creative decorating!}

Over the weekend, I was redecorating our living room mantle and I had a great “ah-ha” design moment! I was so excited that I wanted to share it with you. I like to redecorate this mantle every few months to freshen up our eyes and our minds. It’s one big design challenge. I also enhance the degree of problem solving by only using objects that are already found the house. (Occasionally, new holiday objects will appear, but most of the displayed items are pulled from other rooms and the attic).

fall decorated mantle
{Full view of the November mantle}

I guess you might say that our style is modern colonial. We do love lanterns, wood, wicker, and pottery. You can see bits and pieces of all those items on the November mantle. When decorating, I play with balance, color, and textures. It’s a lot of trial and error. I knew I wanted the wicker vase to be on the back right side, but I needed a little more height to get it to fit just right. Flowers were not on hand and I kept thinking “What do I have that’s tall and can fit in a vase?”. Eureka! In my studio, I have my grandmother’s oil brushes. They weren’t doing anything special there, so in they came to our living room. They are mostly tall, well-loved bristle brushes and their wooden handles are in a great spectrum of muted Fall colors! Hooray!

I am very happy that I brought a little family history and a touch of “artist” into our living room. Huge smile.
How have you decorated for Fall?