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{new children’s literacy event}

November has a couple of great literacy events for young readers. One you might know, it’s Rochester’s Children’s Book Festival happening on Saturday Nov. 16th. I’ll be sharing more information on this a little later. The other event is happening at the end of the week and its brand new!

On November 2nd and 3th The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in partnership with First Book is launching its first international “Inside Story” event at selected independent bookstores. At this event a group of SCBWI children’s authors and illustrators will visit several independent bookstores to share behind-the-scenes looks at their recently published books or soon-to-be-published ones.

This is a win-win-win for all. Inside Story connects young readers, parents, teachers to newly released books, and helps keep those sales at independent bookstores! SCBWI and First Book are even sweetening the deal. SCBWI will be providing the publicity for the event, supply volunteers, and offer a few fun prizes to pull patrons to the event. My favorite prize: win a phone call from a famous author! Plus, First Book, an organization providing new books for children from low-income families, will donate a book to a child in need for every book purchased at an SCBWI Inside Story event. Learn more at

This year Inside Story will be happening at 9 US cities and 3 Australian cities. Here is the list:

Black Cat Books
Brisbane, Australia
November 2 at 10:00am

The Little Bookroom
Melbourne, Australia
November 2 at 10:00am

The Children’s Bookshop
Sydney, Australia
November 2 at 2:00pm

Alamosa Books
Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 2 at 2:00pm

Anderson’s Bookshop
Naperville, Illinois
November 2 at 2:00pm

Bank Street Bookstore
New York, New York
Middle Grade
November 2 at 2:30pm
Young Adult
November 2 at 4:30pm

Books & Books
Coral Gables, Florida
November 2 at 1:00pm

Books of Wonder
New York, New York
November 2 at 4:00pm

The King’s English Bookshop
Salt Lake City, Utah
November 2 at 11:00am

Mockingbird Books
Seattle, Washington
November 3 at 4:00pm

The Odyssey Bookshop
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Picture Books
Diane deGroat, Corinne Demas, Deborah Freedman, Jannie Ho, Sandra Horning, Jane Kohuth, Jason Lefebvre, Richard Michelson, Hazel Mitchell, J.C. Phillipps
November 3 at 1:00pm

Middle Grade/Young Adult
Stacy DeKeyser, Christine Brodien-Jones, Erin Dionne, Natasha Lowe, Jennifer Ann Mann, Rebecca Rupp, Chris Tebbetts, Kathryn Burak
November 3 at 3:00pm

Once Upon A Time Bookstore
Montrose, California
Picture Books
November 2 at 11:00am
Middle Grade/Young Adult
November 3 at 2:00pm

I hope you might find a bookstore near you. If not this year, than maybe next. Lin Oliver, co-founder and executive director of SCWBI, expects Inside Story to have a larger reach in the coming years. “In 2014, we plan to have Inside Story events in each region where we have an SCBWI chapter. That means 53 regions within the United States and 29 international regions.” Whoo-ooo!