New Ocean Themed Children’s Art

children's art of 2 girls exploring a tide pool with a mermaid
{Detail of the Tide Pool Art}

I’m excited to share with you my latest new artwork! It’s a series of three watercolor and paper collage pieces of 2 girls exploring the beach and ocean. This style is similar to the Hot Air Balloon painting I created earlier and features colorful paper collage backgrounds and then a watercolor and colored pencil vignette illustration.

This ocean series is a loosely connected narrative. The main characters remain the same throughout, but each image stands on its own as a story in itself. I did want to make this more than a summertime vacation, so I added some elements of magic such as a mermaid, a helpful sea turtle, a treasure chest, and a dolphin ride. I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a dolphin?!

The first one the girls and their dogs find an unexpected surprise in the tide pool. Hehe.
watercolor and paper collage art of 2 girls seeing an angry crab with their dogs
{The Tide Pool}

The next piece shows the girls mid treasure hunt out in the ocean.
watercolor and paper collage of 2 sisters on an underwater treasure hunt
{Underwater scene}
watercolor children's art of girl holding treasure map asking sea turtle for help
{Detail of older girl swimming}

The third image shows the girls satisfied with their adventure sitting close together watching the sun set over the sea. I added details that reference to the previous scenes too.
watercolor and collage children's art of 2 girls sitting on beach watching sun set
{Sunset Scene}

The paintings are available as high quality digital watercolor prints in my Etsy Shoppe. You can buy one or all three! The original painting and collage artworks are also available for purchase. Please send me an email if you are interested in hearing more.

Do you have fond memories of beach vacations?