A Few Familar Faces

photo of book covers
{a covert photo of a novel I worked on}

I happened to be in a Barnes and Noble recently indulging in a little wedding inspiration in the magazine section, but really anytime I’m in a book store I always gravitate towards the children’s books and the YA novels. I can’t help it! I like them.

Rules For Disappear
{another sneaky photo of one of my books}

It really never gets old seeing the familiar face of a book that I’ve designed. Since books take months to produce, it’s almost like running into an old friend after being a part. On the shelves of B&N, I found a couple of YA novels that I designed last year. I created the interior book designs of The Rules For Disappearing (Hyperion) and Since You Asked (Scholastic Press). These two books are perfect for witty, edgy, early teenage girls. I read every book I design and I can honestly say these two books were engaging very good. Keep them in mind for the holiday gift season!