Birthday Reflection

woman doing yoga on beach
{embracing the world}

What a week of excitement. Getting engaged last Sunday still hasn’t let me stop smiling and feeling so incredibly loved. Not only from D, but the out pouring of support, congrats, and love from all our friends and family has been beyond words. D and I are truly lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

And now today is my birthday! It almost slipped my mind in all the unexpected excitement. This year I feel ready to embrace my new year with a renewed sense of self, purpose and joy. I’m embracing myself for who I am and all I offer the world! It might sound simple, but it’s taken me several years to get to this point. We all should take a moment to step back and reflect on where we stand. I’m taking the time to do it now.

photo of collage paper and watercolor art on table
{new project in the works}

Today, I feel so lucky. I’m earning a living doing what I love to do. I’m creating art for people and for myself. I’m designing children’s books for young readers. I’m writing and illustrating my own children’s book. I’m teaching art and business skills to young enthusiastic college students. And, I’m making a life with a wonderful loving partner. WOW, right? So many things to be thankful for. Of course, there will be bumps in the road and rush deadlines, but I know I can survive them and carry on Abby style. Life is beautiful and I have my arms wide open to embrace it!

Do you take time to reflect on your own life? When does it happen for you?