The Perfect Day

abby in warrior 1 pose on beach
{me doing a few sun salutations}

I’ve had the most perfect day of my life. D surprised me with a trip to one of my favorite places on earth—Cape May, NJ! During the weekend I had the opportunity to start my day with D and walk along the beach to find shells. It was very quiet with only the birds and the sea to keep us company. I was inspired to do a few sun salutations at the end of our walk. It has always been a dream of mine to do yoga while on the beach.

photo of man and lady's legs in the sand
{what a view!}

We had a delicious brunch on the porch of The Mad Batter and then we headed back to the beach for a little sun and surf. I took this opportunity to do a little painting, too. I find the beach and the ocean so inspiring. I think it might be because I’m more relaxed there and the creativity just flows.

Cape May ocean sketch of beach

watercolor postcard of waves on beach

The day progressed into a beautiful sunset and D suggested we get dressed for dinner and take another stroll on the beach to enjoy the sunset.
Abby walking in sunset
{strolling along the beach at sunset}

With the sky filled with pinks and purples, D then took my hand and got down on one knee to propose! I was so shocked and giddy all at the same time! I, of course, said YES and he handed me a lovely white shell (from earlier in the day) and inside the shell was a ring. It was the most amazing moment.

Abby and Dennis engagement photo
{we’re getting married!}

We headed back to our B&B to toast the next stage of our lives! As you can see, we both are extraordinarily happy.