Art-felt Thank You

photos of watercolor washes with white letters spelling Thanks

My first Clothesline Art Festival was a huge success! Thank you very much to all who stopped by the AbbyDora Design booth. Your kind words and smiles made my heart sing! I feel reassured that YES I am on the right path and that my artwork speaks to people—both to the young and to the young at heart.

A special thank you too to all who were moved to break out in song and vocalize the “5 Little Speckled Frogs sitting on a Speckled log…”. I just loved it!

As you know my booth and my artwork is all about shape and color. I had an unexpected visitor over the weekend who is also a big fan of color.
photo of a teal chameleon inside AbbyDora Design booth

It’s a TEAL Madagascar Chameleon! Isn’t he gorgeous?!