Long Lost Sketches

drawing of a cat wearing a mask

I’m teaching an illustration course this Fall called: Sketchbook Illustration. I’m super excited about this opportunity to share my love of drawing with students. It also got me thinking about all my sketchbooks and drawing pads around my studio and home. So this afternoon, I pulled out several from their various hiding places—bookshelves, stacked underneath reams of printing paper, underneath tea mugs, and even next to my bed. You just never have enough sketchbooks. (huge smile)

drawing of children's art

While reviewing my work, I realized I had forgotten about some of the ideas and characters I was so excited about earlier. If only I had another set of hands, I could get so much more painted! This is how it usually goes for me: I jot down an idea and then something else pulls me away from it and I just never get back to making more of the sketch. I really should have more of these “review sessions” of my sketchbooks and take a look at my work with fresh eyes. Perhaps I will see a storyline or off-shoot idea from an initial sketch.

My college course starts on Monday and I know many of you too also head back to school, so, HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL!