G Is For Giraffe

watercolor of giraffe nibbling on capital G
{Sneak peak at my newest illustration}

I’m having so much fun lately and it’s all because I’m creating non-stop! Let me tell you the paint and paper are flying around here. The crazy intense heat of this week hasn’t helped make this journey easy, but I don’t want to be anywhere else but at my drawing table (even if it is sans A/C).

I’ve been wanting to do some sort of alphabet illustration for a while now and the deadline of the Park Ave Fest is making it happen sooner rather than later. Above is a little teaser color sketch of what is going to be created. You can’t go wrong with adorable giraffes, right?! The final will have the entire hand lettered alphabet along with a full giraffe illustration and another little surprise, too. Nope, you’ll have to wait to see the finished painting.

More next week!