Brooklyn Bunny Collage Art

Watercolor and paper collage of cityscape and rabbit jump roping
{Brooklyn Bunny}

I’m in full art mode creation these days for the Park Ave Fest and Clothesline later in the Summer. This week, I’m working on several new pieces that involve paper collage.

Doing collage is such fun! It’s a different type of creative thinking than painting and drawing. But I love thinking in shape anyway, so it’s an easier transition for me. You should have seen my art table when I was in the thick of creating the piece above. There were scraps of paper, sheets of paper, and scissors of all sorts piled high all around this wood panel art. It’s was creative chaos!

Brooklyn street paper collage with bunny jumping rope
{Detail of the paper collage and watercolor art}

The Brooklyn Bunny is the first watercolor collage piece that I’ve completed this week. I had a few spot watercolor characters laying around not doing anything and I thought it would be fun to collage backgrounds for these cute guys. This piece is not totally finished yet. I’ll be adding a few paint details to the background, but it’s 95% done.

Matted 8″ x 8″ prints of this piece will debut for sale at the Park Ave Festival. Then it will be available for sale in my Etsy shoppe and in the other summer festivals.

I’m working on the next collage today and I hope to share it with you next week.

Any fun weekend plans?