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My summertime oasis is my front porch. When I need a break, I tend to wander out there, take a few breaths of the fresh air and I immediately feel better. I’ve created touches of color on our porch with pots of flowers and new this year—a hanging herb garden.

If you recall, I decided to try a hanging herb garden made out of a canvas shoe rack. We have a covered front porch that gets lovely summer morning sunshine. I was hoping that this would be enough for growing a handful of herbs. So far so good! Check it out:

Photo of shoe rack herb garden
{My shoe rack herb garden}

Obviously, there were way too many pockets, so I selected ones that got the most sunshine and that I could easily reach too. I also stacked them according to how much water they like, since all the extra water drips down through the canvas. To help with irrigation I also added a few small rocks to the bottom of each pocket.

I’m growing 2 types of Rosemary, Oregano, thyme, mint, parsley, and basil. I was growing chives in the shoe rack, but it really wasn’t happy there (I don’t think it was getting enough sun). So I nursed it back to health and it’s much happier in its own pot. The only sad story was the cilantro. It wasn’t happy in the rack and it’s looking a little sad in its own pot at the moment. Maybe it will make it?! But all in all I feel that thus far this experiment is doing well!

What are you growing this summer?