Making My Heart Sing

photo of lady with smile with beach in the background
{Me super happy to be on an Oregon beach}

Happy Friday friends! I thought today I’d share a few more photos from D and my road trip from Portland to San Fran. These photos are from my 2 favorite spots along the way that truly made my heart sing.

This was my first time on the Oregon coastline and I was super excited. I love beaches anyway, but the Oregon coastline is SO AMAZING! In Oregon Mother Nature gives you these dramatic cliff coastlines paired with smooth flat beaches. When I saw the immense stretch of smooth packed sand at Beverly Beach I just had to…
Photo of lady skipping at Beverly Beach OR

Photo of tiny lady skipping on sand at beach

Photo of lady skipping at Beverly Beach OR
{Hey—I’m still a kid at heart}

SKIP! D and I had a great early evening at the beach. I put my toes into the Pacific Ocean (brrrr!) and I climbed onto a natural log bridge. While D was taking this photo an 7 year old boy walked by and waved to me. Ha! Loved it.

Abby sitting on natural log bridge
{Me happily sitting on a log bridge at Beverly Beach}

That night we camped in a yurt close to the beach. We had our first camp fire together and sipped Oregon wine from our collapsible camp cups. Vacation doesn’t get any better.

Photo of small book necklace with sketch of yurt
{Our yurt}

A couple of days later we had a day to spend at Redwood National Forest in Northern California. It has been a dream of mine to see the Redwood trees and to hug one. Yeah, I know a little silly, but it was what I wanted to do! Thankfully, we hiked through a forest full of them and I got my wish.

Lady hugging large Redwood tree
{Tiny me hugging a HUGE Redwood tree}

D and I both agreed that we absolutely loved Oregon and I know we shall be back. I wouldn’t mind spending a few more nights camping in a yurt close to the beach. Maybe next time too we’ll actually see a whale on our whale watch boat ride!

Have a great weekend!