Interior YA Novel Design

photo of YA novel covers of Openly Straight and Rebel Spirits

I received 2 young adult books last week in the mail. It was like seeing old friends again. I worked on these Scholastic book projects last fall (yes it takes months and years to publish a book!) For both, Openly Straight and Rebel Spirits I created the interior page designs. This means I choose the text type, the margins, style the chapter opening pages and extracts, the front matter, and figure out the total page count. It’s a lot to juggle and pull together, but I LOVE it. And since I read all the books I design, I can say that are both very enjoyable stories too!

photo of title page of YA novel Openly Straight
{Title page design}

Openly Straight is about a high school age boy, named Rafe, who is gay and he’s been out since eight grade. In his home town of Boulder, CO he is isn’t teased and he talks about tolerance, but he wants to be a regular guy, not the gay guy. He wants that to be a part of his identity, but not the headline.

image of teen novel chapter opener
{Chapter opener design}

So when he transfers to a New England all boys boarding school, he gets a fresh start and he becomes openly straight. But things get complicated when he begins to fall in love with one of his new friends. This is a smart, funny novel dealing with modern issues.

photo of History of Rafe
{Long book extract explaining Rafe’s story before boarding school. To visually make this appear different from the narrative, the type was set in a sans serif typeface}

With this being a current day story, I wanted to keep the overall design fresh, modern, and clean. The emoticons are a great addition to the jacket and the interior. I really do love how the title page spread turned out.

YA novel title page image
{Title page design}

In Rebel Spirits Lori and her parents just moved into a house in Gettysburg, PA. Lori doesn’t know what she thinks about ghosts, but the town is obsessed with them and the history of the civil war. When she meets Nathaniel, a troubled soul who needs her help, she becomes a believer and starts to fall in love too. Nathaniel was a solider, but he wasn’t killed in battle. He was murdered. Lori begins to investigate and unforeseen clues and secrets are revealed.

photo of teen novel interior chapter opener design
{Chapter opening page design}

With the civil war theme and straight-forward narrative, the design is more traditional. I added a running head and a wood type ornament on the chapter openers to add some visual variety to the pages. I have to say too, I REALLY enjoyed reading this book. If you know anyone who likes a good mystery with historical touches, this is the book for them.

It’s always a great joy to see the actual printed book. Since I only see the jacket front and the interior design when I work, it’s fun to see how the entire book is pulled together. On these books found a great surprise, too—embossed covers!

photo of yellow cover with embossed emoticonsphoto of embossed hardcover of Rebel Spirits

Ooooooooo, nice touch, right?!
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