My Ideal Bookshelf

my idea bookshelf cover

GIFT ALERT! With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduations coming up in the next few months I thought I’d share with you a REALLY NEAT book. It’s a book about books (huge grin). It’s called MY IDEAL BOOKSHELF and in it more than 100 leading cultural figures (artists, designers, chefs, writers, musicians—you get the idea) share the books that have resonated with them. Some of the titles on their bookshelves have been from childhood and other are recent finds.

Each interview is paired with an illustration by Jane Mount of the colorful book spines and even personal objects found amongst the books. I found it amazing that many of us can names specific titles that we still can recall how the story shaped our thinking and made a mark in our hearts.

Once you open this book you cannot help but pose the same question to yourself. What would be on YOUR ideal bookshelf? Well, I thought it would be fun if I shared my own bookshelf illustration that answers the question. My shelf is a mixture of children’s books and “adult” books. I also tend to have several fun “nick-nacks” hanging out with my books.

watercolor painting of book spines

Of course your shelf can change too. This is a snap shot of my bookshelf for today, but perhaps tomorrow it would be a little different. For instance, I might add in The Mists of Avalon when I’m channeling my inner goddess or I may rotate in The Omnivore Dilemma since it has truly affected how I think about food and cooking.

My IDEAL BOOKSHELF would even be a fun book for a book club meeting. In fact, at the back of the book Jane has supplied a template for you to add in your own titles. How much fun would it be to see the drawings of a group’s bookshelves!

MY IDEAL BOOKSHELF can be described as a love letter to books and would be a winner of a gift for any book lover.

So, what would be on your bookshelf? Post comments—I’d love to hear what people think!