The Tea & Books Club

cup of tea and stack of picture books

My friend and I have started a new tradition. We are now meeting up about once a month or so and sharing our favorite illustrated books! A lot of the time they are illustrated picture books. It’s delightful to oooo and ahhh WITH someone in person over a great book. Not many of us have book clubs where we read children’s books, but I encourage you to throw in a YA or picture book book now and again. It’s fun!

I just had to share with all of you a couple of great finds. So in no particular order here are 2 AMAZING recently published picture books:

SHOE & BOOT by Marla Frazee
photo of stack of picture books
illustration of dog laying on yellow chair
illustration of dog on front porch

Life is grand for the two dogs: Boot & Shoe until one day a pesky squirrel shows up and causes trouble. This book is laugh out loud funny and has a sweet, tender ending too. 2 thumbs up.

A Perfect Day by Carin Berger

illustraton of people doing snow angels
book about the perfect snow day

Carin’s collages have a poetic folk art feel. Plainly stated: they are magical. The simple text allows your eyes to slowly take in all the details in her collage compositions and the paper collage material too. Anyone who likes to paper collage should pick up this book.

These copies were borrowed from my local library, but I love both books so very much that I plan on adding them to my personal collection. OH and speaking of my personal collection. I forgot to tell you what my all time favorite picture is book on Tuesday. Drum roll please….my FAVORITE picture books is: Brave Irene by William Steig. It’s a classic. It’s even better when you’re Mom reads it out loud and really animates the wind’s voice. (Thanks Mom!)

So, while you are looking up these 2 new pictures you should look up Brave Irene too!