Subway Libraries

picture of underground library in subway

Yesterday morning on NPR I heard a report that public transportation riding levels are up. That means more and more people across the country are taking trains, subways, buses, and ferries and have more time to READ!

A group of 3 college students from the Miami Ad School have come up with an innovative concept and app to reach those mass commuters on subways. The project is called Underground Library: A Simple Solution to help New York’s Empty Libraries.

The basic concept is this: Using near field communications (NFC) technology, commuters select the desired book from a list of popular titles listed on subway ads and read its first ten pages. Upon finishing and exiting the subway, the reader will be informed of the closest library location on a map from which they can pick up and read the rest of the book. Want to see this is action? Watch the trailer!

There are still several questions about the technical aspect of pulling this off, but I love the connection between modern reading on ereaders and phones and linking it to lending books from the library (whether you want to borrow the actual book or ebook file). Libraries are still wonderful and relevant resources!

I just used our local library last week. When was the last time YOU visited your local branch?