Drum Roll Please

abby kuperstock illustration

This is a big moment. It might seem small, but this is HUGE! I finally have my first postcard mailer promoting my own children’s illustration and design. HOORAY!

abby kuperstock
{postcards were printed at moo.com }

For various reasons, this task of creating a postcard mailer has always been pushed down to the end of the to-do list. BUT. NOT. THIS. YEAR. This year I’m putting my artwork at the top of the list of things to focus on and to market. My lovely postcard is the first step at putting this goal into action.

Over the next several months, I’ll be sending out my postcards to art directors, editors, and companies that use children’s illustrators in hopes that a new business relationship might begin. I’ll be combining this mailer with other self-promotion marketing efforts, too. With a little luck (and perhaps a happy happenstance) my name will align with an illustration opportunity!

How is your 2013 to-do list going so far?