One Very Cool Book Cover

cool book cover
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Sometimes the the best answer is the simplest. And yes, that’s an actual yellow No. 2 pencil that fits into the cover. Pretty cool huh?!

Joe Shouldice

The book itself is called American Odysseys: Writings by New Americans. It’s an anthology of 22 novelists, poets, and short story authors who immigrated to the US. It’s published by The Vilcek Foundation. The cover design was handled by YesYesYes Design, based in New York City. The art director was Joe Shouldice.

Apparently, YesYesYesDesign had to go through many pencils and hardback cases to get the fit just right. He was thankful the yellow No. pencils aren’t that expensive to buy in bulk!

Are you over thinking a project? Maybe a simple solution will work for you too?