Font Finds: Hallmark’s Handwritten Font

hallmark handwritten font

“Font Finds” is back! (I know its been awhile, but better now than never!)

Have you noticed over the last couple of years the number of handwritten scripts and printed letter typefaces being used has exploded? It seems the more high tech we are becoming the more we want our world to look low tech.

This trend doesn’t bother me one bit. I LOVE the handwritten letter! I’m even experimenting with creating script writing with my gouache paints, but more on this later. The handwritten font is now trendy in corporate America. Hallmark’s new “Life is a Special Occasion” logo is a great example of this trend. Even their website has been reworked to compliment the handwritten look and feel of this new marketing campaign.

handstand font

Sadly, Hallmark doesn’t allow this specific handwritten font to be released to the public. But not to worry! I’ve found a few other fabulous handwriting fonts that I’ve been using in my own design projects.

Mr Moustache
handwritten typeface

It’s so spunky and cute! I love all the touches of curls. These letterforms just makes you smile.

Bombshell Pro
calligraphic typeface

Va-va-voom! C’est tres sexy, non? This calligraphic font is so luxurious.

Skinny Latte
handwritten print letters
Skinny Latte is youthful and silly. I get a “tween feeling” from it. It’s quirky as if its still growing into its own shoes. Think about mixing and matching the tall lowercase letters with the uppercase ones for some real design fun.

Have you seen a great example of a handwritten font?