gouache abstract painting

Are you ready for the new year? I am! The the start of 2013 means we all can clear our plates and begin a new. Of course, many of us do this by making a few New Year’s Resolutions. D and I are going to add 1 vegetarian meal a week to our dinners. I’m on the look out for tasty vegetarian recipes. ( Do you have one in your recipe collection? Please share it!)

children's illustration

Professionally, I want to play around more with my watercolors and gouache paints. I want to be daring! I’ve always admired loose watercolor paintings where they layer drawing with washes. I’d like to see if I can add this technique into my art and make it my own.

abby kuperstock watercolor

The Happy New Year painting above was created by cutting up one large painting and arranging it into another piece of artwork of smaller paintings. Cutting the painting into smaller ones makes it easier to be daring with your marks and color choices. I love the feeling of letting loose and just allowing my inner voice to instruct me on what color to add next. Hopefully with repetition I will become more confident and use these techniques in my next series of illustrations. 2013 here I come!
Happy New Year!

What goals do you have for this new year?